Man accused of car theft

Man accused of car theft

At about 7 a.m. on Sunday, December 11th, 2016, a North Bay resident started her car to warm it up and then went back inside her home, leaving the vehicle unattended and unlocked. When she returned about five minutes later, her car was gone. She immediately called police.

A North Bay Police Service patrol officer located the vehicle approximately 10 minutes later, parked at Sixth Avenue and Cassells Street, with the engine running and a man asleep behind the wheel.

Following an investigation, police arrested and charged:

Kenneth William Golding, age 29, of Redbridge with:

  • One count of theft of motor vehicle;
  • One count of care or control of vehicle while impaired by alcohol; and
  • One count of breach of Officer in Charge undertaking.

The accused was later released from custody with a court date scheduled for December 20th, 2016.

Public reminder
With the cold winter months, many drivers will often start their vehicles and leave them to warm up before they drive them. The North Bay Police Service reminds motorists to always lock their vehicles when left unattended, especially when they are left running.