Rules of the road

Rules of the road


The North Bay Police Service would like to inform the public of the rules of the road, as governed by the Highway Traffic Act and the City of North Bay traffic bylaws, as they relate to the use of sidewalks. Persons who require mobility scooters or power wheelchairs in order to be mobile are permitted to use the sidewalks as pedestrians and persons using manual wheelchairs do. They are also permitted on City bike paths.


E-bikes and scooters, which are designed for recreational use rather than as a mobility aid for persons with a mobility impairment, are not to be used on the sidewalk.
While e-bike and scooter operators do not require a licence, insurance or registration in order to use these devices, they must obey the Highway Traffic Act and the City of North Bay Traffic By-Law:

  • They must be 16 years of age or older
  • They must wear an approved helmet and have a working bell or horn
  • They must have a functioning white front light and a rear red light when driving at night
  • They must ride on the right side of the road, with the flow of traffic
  • They must obey all traffic signs and lights and must signal when turning/stopping
  • They are permitted on City bike paths in pedal mode ONLY
  • Removing the pedals off an e-bike or scooter makes it an illegal motor vehicle