Statistics Canada's 2015 Crime Severity Index - A look at the numbers in North Bay

Statistics Canada’s 2015 Crime Severity Index – A look at the numbers in North Bay

Statistics Canada recently released the 2015 Crime Severity Index (CSI) numbers. While overall crime in Canada is up from the previous year, overall crime in North Bay is down.

Fifth city in Canada where “you are most likely to be sexually assaulted”?
The North Bay Police Service does not dispute Maclean’s magazine’s recent analysis of the Statistics Canada data that rates North Bay, based on population, as one of the top cities in Canada with a high level of sexual assault incidents. A closer look at the numbers shows that there were 62 actual incidents of sexual assault in North Bay in 2015. Following our investigations into these incidents, we charged 25 people.

“While we agree that this number is high, there is no number that is acceptable,” said Chief Shawn Devine, North Bay Police Service. “Sexual assault is a crime that we take seriously. This stat can be seen as a positive sign that survivors of sexual assault are coming forward, that they trust that we will take them seriously, that their reports of sexual assault will be thoroughly investigated, and that sexual offenders will be charged.”

The North Bay Police Service is currently analysing the national CSI results and preparing a crime report of its findings for the North Bay Police Services Board. The report will be presented at the Board’s next open session meeting on Wednesday September 14th.

The North Bay Police Service values the work of its community partners, such as the Amelia Rising Sexual Assault Centre, on whose Board Chief Shawn Devine serves. These organizations are dedicated to eliminating violence against women and children, creating social change and developing and applying increased awareness issues including sexual violence.

The North Bay Police Service continues to encourage survivors of sexual assault to report crime to police, whether it happens at work, at school, at home or in other public or private places.