No Gang Colours / No Gang Clothing initiative launches in North Bay & Callander

No Gang Colours / No Gang Clothing initiative launches in North Bay & Callander


With the goal of ensuring public safety in North Bay’s restaurants, bars and nightclubs, the North Bay Police Service (NBPS) today announces the launch of the “No Gang Colours/No Gang Clothing” initiative, a partnership with the local branch of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and participating local licenced establishments.

“This partnership between police, licenced establishments and the alcohol regulator is all about taking proactive measures to ensure that all patrons and staff of our local restaurants, bars and nightclubs feel safe,” said Chief Shawn Devine, North Bay Police Service. “Our collective goal is to make it clear that organized crime, gang activity and gang intimidation are not welcome here.”

The presence of individuals wearing gang emblems and insignia can be intimidating to patrons who want to enjoy an evening out.

“No Gang Colours/No Gang Clothing” signs, branded with the NBPS logo, have been distributed to a number of establishments in North Bay and Callander, all of whose owners and/or managers are voluntarily participating in the program.

Individuals who enter these establishments wearing clothing, patches or emblems that identify themselves as part of an organized crime group will be in violation of house rules, similar to a “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policy. Persons found in violation of the “No Gang Colours / No Gang Clothing” policy can be charged under the Trespass to Property Act.

Owners of local licenced establishments who are not yet participating in this initiative but are interested in doing so are asked to contact Acting Detective Constable Jeff Warner at 705-497-5555.