Drivers ticketed for speeding on Lakeshore Drive

Drivers ticketed for speeding on Lakeshore Drive

The North Bay Police Service’s traffic enforcement officer was monitoring driver behaviour on the 100 to 200 block of Lakeshore Drive over a three-hour period on Tuesday morning (August 23rd, 2016). As a result, eight drivers were issued speeding tickets, with two travelling at 74 km per hour.

“Some drivers are still not getting the message,” said Cst. Ken Ayres, Traffic Unit, North Bay Police Service, who witnessed speeding motorists pass vehicles travelling the speed limit as if they were standing still. “The speed limit within the city is 50 km per hour, unless otherwise posted,” he added. “Lakeshore Drive is a very busy four-lane road, with lots of pedestrian and cycling activity. Ignorance is no excuse. Drivers who speed are putting themselves and others at risk.”

The North Bay Police Service will continue to conduct targeted traffic enforcement on Lakeshore Drive and other areas of the city. Drivers who are disrespecting speed limits are reminded that driving is a privilege, not a right. They are advised to slow down.

Speeding Fines under the Highway Traffic Act

Kilometres per hour over the maximum speed Set Fine
1-19 km $2.50 per kilometre
20-29 km $3.75 per kilometre
30-49 km $6 per kilometre
50 km or more No out of court settlement

Demerit points for speeding upon conviction

Kilometres per hour over the maximum speed Demerit points
16-29 km Three
30-49 km Four
50 km or more Six demerit points, vehicle impoundment, and court summons

Example: A driver who travels at 74 km/hour on Lakeshore Drive, where the speed limit is 50 km/hour, could face a $90 fine plus court cost and victims of crime surcharge, for a total of $115. The driver could also face three demerit points upon conviction.

To understand how demerit points work, visit: