Crack down on e-bikes on Kinsmen Trail and Kate Pace Way

Crack down on e-bikes on Kinsmen Trail and Kate Pace Way

Officials are cracking down this week on e-bikes that aren’t in pedal mode or complying with by-laws on the Kinsmen Trail and Kate Pace Way.

“There have been near misses, accidents involving injury and a lot of complaints about e-bikes on these trails,” said Ron Melnyk, City of North Bay’s By-Law Enforcement Coordinator.
City of North Bay’s By-law 2013-012 restricts the use of power-assisted bikes on trails to “pedal mode” only. The by-law also includes a number of other requirements for these bikes on the trail relating to bells, lights, helmets as well as age and speed restrictions.

“People need to have their e-bikes in pedal mode, not electric mode. It’s become a safety issue. As well, motorized vehicles are not allowed on conservation areas and trails,” added Troy Storms, Supervisor of Field Operations at the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) which co-owns and co-manages the Kinsmen Trail and Kate Pace Way with the City.
Fines range from $80 to $150 depending on the violation.

City by-law enforcement officials are working together with NBMCA and North Bay Police on the enforcement blitz.

For further information on the by-law, visit of the City of North Bay’s website at: