Public Alert to Movie Goers - Check your credit/debit card statements

Public Alert to Movie Goers – Check your credit/debit card statements

Shortly after 11 p.m. on Tuesday March 15th, Galaxy Cinema staff on Lakeshore Drive contacted the North Bay Police Service to report that they had received a memo from management instructing Cineplex theatres in various locations across Canada to check their pin pads for possible tampering as they had received reports of fraud from theatres located in Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Markham.

Following an investigation by its Forensics unit, the North Bay Police Service reports that the pin pad of one of the two self-serve ticket purchase machines (the one on the left as you enter the Galaxy Cinema lobby) contained a skimmer, which police have since removed and seized as evidence. The skimmer is used by fraudsters to read credit and debit card numbers, as well as personal identification numbers (PINs).

At this time, the North Bay Police Service has received no reports of known victims, nor is it known who inserted the skimmer into the machine.

Public alert to movie-goers
Movie-goers who attended Galaxy Cinema from February 15th to March 15th and used the self-serve credit card and debit machine to purchase their tickets are asked to check their bank statements and to report any suspicious activity to their financial institution immediately. Police also advise those who used this tampered machine to contact their bank to have their card numbers and/or PINs change.

If your card was compromised after you used this tampered machine, contact the North Bay Police Service in person at 135 Princess Street West or by calling 705-497-5555 to report the fraud. Constable Shank is the investigating officer.