Public Notice regarding door-to-door sales

Public Notice regarding door-to-door sales

The North Bay Police Service would like to remind residents to be cautious when dealing with door-to-door salespersons who use high-pressure tactics to get you to sign a contract for a product or service. These salespersons have a tendency of targeting vulnerable groups such as the elderly.

Most complaints regarding door-to-door sales and services are about unclear contracts, misrepresentations or high-pressure sales tactics and are usually related to the sale of expensive consumer goods such as water heaters, furnaces or air conditioner units.

City of North Bay by-law regarding door-to-door sales
Residents of North Bay are advised that in accordance with a City of North Bay by-law, salespersons must have a valid City of North Bay door-to-door sales/service person licence before they knock on your door to sell you a product or service.

Tips when greeting salespersons at your door

  • Before you hear a sales pitch, ask to see a photo ID, ask for the name and location of the business, and ask to see the salesperson’s City of North Bay door-to-door business licence. The salesperson’s name must be on the licence.
  • Never feel pressured to share personal information (for example, a gas, electric or other utility bill).
  • Ask for time to properly research the business or the product on offer before you agree to sign a contract.
  • High-pressure salespersons will want you to accept the delivery of a product as quickly as possible, often the very next day. Do not feel pressured to say yes to the delivery of goods. Take the time you need to research the product, the company and the contract they want you to sign.
  • If you ask a salesperson to leave, he/she must do so right away.

Report suspicious activity
If a door-to-door salesperson is using high-pressure sales tactics, refuses to show ID, or refuses to present a valid business licence, contact the City of North Bay’s by-law enforcement officer Ron Melnyk, by email at or by telephone at 705-474-0400 x 2512 to report the incident. If you feel unsafe in any way, do not hesitate to call police immediately at 911 to report the incident and the description of the salesperson(s).

Your rights under Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act
Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act (CPA) gives you special rights when you buy something in your home that costs more than $50. As a consumer, you:

  • have the right to cancel a contract for any reason within a 10-day cooling-off period. For water heater contracts, there is a 20-day cooling-off period
  • must get a written contract. Under the CPA, a consumer contract has to include specific information about the goods or service and your rights as a consumer. If it doesn’t, you can cancel the contract within one year of signing.

More information from Consumer Protection Ontario
Visit for details on how to cancel a contract under the Consumer Protection Act. If you have any questions or concerns about any door-to-door experiences you have had or want a clarification on your rights, call Consumer Protection Ontario toll-free at 1-800-889-9768. TTY users call 1-877-666-6545.