Letter Scam Alert

Letter Scam Alert


The North Bay Police Service received two separate complaints today from residents who received letters in the mail that were addressed to their names.

The letter writer claims to be an accountant from the United Kingdom who believes the recipient of the letter may be the beneficiary of the estate of a deceased millionaire who shares the same family name.

Residents are advised that this letter is a scam.

The letter writer claims to be from a London-based company identified as “Mutual Accountant Inc.”, with the following two emails listed: accountmartins@consultant.com or martinsconsultant@aol.com

Recipients of this fraudulent letter are asked not to contact or send personal information or money to the letter sender in any way.

If you receive a similar letter and wish to report the scam, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre to report the incident and then simply destroy the letter.