Crime Prevention Week

Crime Prevention Week

North Bay Police Service joins police services across the province in annual Crime Prevention Week campaign

The North Bay Police Service (NBPS) joins police services across Ontario in support of the Crime Prevention Week campaign, which takes place from November 1st to 7th, 2015 and is organized by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. This year’s theme is “Working Together to Improve Community Safety and Well-Being – A Shared Commitment in Ontario.”

“Crime prevention is a shared responsibility,” said Chief Paul Cook, NBPS and past-president of the OACP from 2013-2014. “The North Bay Police Service is committed to working together with community organizations and the public to keep the citizens of North Bay and Callander safe. This means paying close attention to those who are at high risk of committing a crime. It also means empowering those who are in vulnerable situations, whether they be youth, seniors or victims of crime, by providing them with important safety tips and guidance.”

Working together with our community partners
The NBPS is committed to working with local community partners in health, education and social, probation and justice services as a member of the Gateway Hub. This team of professionals addresses the needs of people in our community who have been identified as being in acutely-elevated high risk situations. Our goal, as police, is to reach out to these individuals, together with our community partners, to get them the help they require before they commit a crime.

In partnership with the North Bay Regional Health Centre, the NBPS is a member of the Mobile Crisis Team. This team of two registered nurses and one police officer responds to calls for service involving individuals with mental health or addiction issues or needs. This partnership helps to reduce police apprehensions and the number of individuals being brought to emergency for psychiatric assessment and care. Its goal is to connect individuals to community services, before their situation escalates to a crisis situation.

In December 2013, in response to the alarming number of deaths and crimes related to Fentanyl misuse and abuse in our community, members of our Street Crime Unit worked with the North Bay Drug Strategy Committee to tackle the problem head on. By working with local physicians and pharmacists, the Committee launched the Patch-4-Patch program, a practice whereby clients must exchange their used Fentanyl patches in order to get a new prescription. Thanks to the program’s implementation, there have been no Fentanyl-related deaths in our community since June 2014. More recently, police services across Canada are introducing the Patch-4-Patch program in their own communities, thanks to recommendations made by the OACP and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. As well, our local M.P.P. Vic Fedeli has introduced the private member’s Bill 33: Safeguarding our Communities Act, which aims to make the Patch4Patchprogram mandatory across Ontario.

The NBPS is a member of the Domestic Violence Community Coordinating Committee of Nipissing(DVCCC) a multi-disciplinary, advisory committee formed to effectively address, assess and prevent domestic violence in our community. As well, NBPS Chief Paul Cook, Ms. Janine Lafrenière, Executive Director of Nipissing Transition House and City of North Bay Mayor Al McDonald continue to be active spokespeople, an online campaign that supports the idea that a violence-free community is something worth pledging to achieve.

Indigenous communities face unique challenges with respect to crime, violence and victimization. The NBPS is an active participant in Niigan Mosewak, a free week-long leadership camp, held twice per summer, for Indigenous youth from North Bay and area. As its title suggests (Anishnaabe for “moving forward”), the camp’s goal is to openly talk about the high drug, alcohol and suicide rates in First Nations communities, to learn about the residential school system and how it destroyed families, cultures, languages and self-esteem and to share ways on how to make positive lifestyle choices for a healthier future while supporting each other along the way. Discussions and teachings include drug and alcohol awareness, drum building, healthy relationships, internet safety, leadership skills, mask making and team building experiences. (See YouTube video to learn more.)

Public safety resources
There are a number of resources available to parents, caregivers, teachers, students and property owners who are interested in taking a proactive approach to their own personal safety and well-being.

Protect your property. Protect yourself – This OACP-produced brochure is available for pick-up at North Bay Police headquarters, 135 Princess Street West.

An Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment – Produced in March 2015 by the Ontario government, this document raises public awareness about sexual violence and harassment by illustrating the stats and looking at the problems and by providing solutions for safer homes, campuses and workplaces. For more information, visit

The Little Blackbook of Scams – Produced by the Government of Canada in 2012, this free online document looks at everything from dating and romance scams to pyramid schemes and lottery frauds.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre is an excellent online resource for safety tips and news of known scams, pitches and frauds.

Parenting Tweens and Teens in the Digital World: Online Luring. What Every Parent Needs to Know – The Canadian Centre for Child Protection ( offers excellent educational resources, such as this brochure. Parents and guardians are encouraged to sign up to receive alerts on technology trends and new resources designed to increase children’s and teens’ personal safety. Visit for details.

Drugs & Addiction Magazine is a cutting-edge publication written for young people. It discusses the effects of alcohol and drug use and addresses contemporary trends in youth substance use. Visit for details.

About Crime Prevention Week (Twitter #CrimePrevention15)
Crime Prevention Week is organized by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services together with the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police. Its goal is to promote personal and public safety through prevention, preparedness and social development. It’s also an opportunity for police services to highlight partnerships with their communities that improve safety and prevent crime.