It's Halloween at headquarters

It’s Halloween at headquarters

It’s that time of year when the bars police have on offer are chocolate. Police are giving out treats to all the little devils, scary characters and masked boys and girls who stop by to visit us this Halloween. Trick-or-treaters are welcome to come to police headquarters at 135 Princess Street West on Saturday October 31st. Treats are provided courtesy of the North Bay Police Association and the North Bay Police Service.

Frighteningly Good Advice for Halloween

Our sidewalks and streets will soon be filled with ghosts, witches, superheroes and princesses. With the goal of ensuring that everybody has a happy and safe Halloween, the North Bay Police Service has a few important safety tips for homeowners, drivers, parents and trick-or-treaters.

Drivers take note
Saturday, October 31st is Halloween, when there will be many people of all ages on our sidewalks and streets. Please don’t be a zombie when driving. Stay on high alert. Slow down. Make eye contact with pedestrians. Keep our children safe.

Be visible, even if you’re a ghost
Consider wearing costumes that are bright and light in colour. Include reflective tape, wear a glow-in-the-dark necklace, or carry a flashlight. Adjust the length of a costume to avoid the risk of tripping. Make sure masks do not obstruct a child’s vision; consider applying make-up instead.

Witch way to go?
Only visit homes with the lights on. “Lights off” means there are no treats on offer. Please don’t be wicked to people who are not participating in Halloween, just broom-broom on to the next place where people are ready to welcome you.

Don’t risk turning into a pumpkin
Where are you going? What time will you be home? Older children should make a plan with their parents or guardians and stick to it.

Egging is not a “trick”
Egg-throwing is not a “trick.” It’s called “vandalism” and it’s against the law, with scary consequences. Please play wisely and refrain from damaging property.

Eerie Home Decor
If you plan to transform your home into an eerie scene, be sure to keep the path leading up to your door free of obstacles for the little ones, especially those with masks who might have trouble seeing in dim light.

Scaredy cats and howling dogs
Strangers in costume can cause stress to pets. Police recommend that pet owners keep their pets indoors and away from the front door during peak trick-or-treating hours.

Look out for tampered treats
Although it’s very rare for treats to be tampered with, police remind parents and guardians to inspect their children’s Halloween bags when they come home to make sure all the goodies are safe before they eat them. Report suspicious treats to police as soon as possible.

Have fun!
The North Bay Police Service wishes everyone a safe and fun-filled Halloween.