Teen victim helps senior victim

Teen victim helps senior victim

Following an investigation into a report of suspicious activity, North Bay Police arrested and charged Bradley Trevor King, age 49, of North Bay with:

  • One count of assault;
  • One count of break, enter and commit; and
  • One count of mischief.

It is alleged that shortly before 7:30 p.m. yesterday, the accused was standing outside a downtown convenience store. A male teenager was exiting the store, when the accused, a stranger to him, physically assaulted him. The teenager was able to pull away from his grasp and walk away without injuries.

Still in the area, the teenager witnessed the accused walk to a nearby parking lot of an apartment building, where the accused began kicking two parked cars. There was no damage done to the vehicles. However, a resident of the apartment building, who witnessed this through a window, contacted police to report the suspicious activity.

Another resident heard noise coming from the accused through his apartment window. When he confronted the accused about this through his window, the accused entered his unit and physically assault him. The victim is a senior who sustained non-life-threatening injuries as a result this incident. The teenager, who had been monitoring the accused’s behavior, followed the accused into the premises, then grabbed and pulled the accused out of the apartment, and chased him away.

North Bay Police officers arrived on scene and observed the accused—who at this point had made his way to a neighbouring parking lot—kick and punch a parked pick-up truck, causing damage to the vehicle. Police arrested him on site.

The accused was held in custody for a bail hearing today.

The North Bay Police Service thanks members of the public who report suspicious activity to police.

When to call 911
911 is an emergency number, for when people or property are at risk. The North Bay Police Service encourages members of the public to call 911 immediately:

  • to stop a crime in progress or about to occur;
  • for a situation where serious injury can occur;
  • for any suspicious activity; or
  • to report a fire or when an ambulance is required.

For non-emergency occurrences that take place in North Bay and Callander and that require a police response, please call the North Bay Police Service at 705-497-5555.