Summer Safety Tips - Protect your property

Summer Safety Tips – Protect your property

Ah, summer! It’s a great time to get away from it all.

That said a sure way to spoil a well-deserved “break” is to come home to results of a “break-in.” Before you leave home, the North Bay Police Service asks that you to take a few steps to protect your property.

Tip #1 – Remove temptation
Keep lawn and garden equipment, recreational items such as bicycles, and tools or other valuables out of sight in well-locked storage. This may mean bringing these items inside your home if your backyard shed is not secure. Make sure your home’s entry doors are equipped with deadbolt locks. Lock all doors and windows before you go.

Tip #2 – Create the appearance of being home
An occupied home is a less attractive target than a vacant one. Any steps you can take to make your home appear occupied when you are away can help lessen the likelihood of a break-in. Here are a few safety tips to consider:

  • install and activate timers to internal lights;
  • install and activate outdoor motion-sensor lights;
  • set up TVs and radios to turn on and off;
  • have a neighbour bring in your garbage and recycling bins if left out on pick-up day;
  • stop mail and newspaper delivery or have a neighbour pick them up in your absence;
  • trim shrubbery to eliminate hiding places for unwanted visitors;
  • contract a lawn and garden service to take care of your yard during your absence.

Tip #3 – Alarm systems are good deterrents
Residential alarm systems offer an increased level of security and deterrence to criminals. Remember to:

  • display your alarm company’s decal in a visible location;
  • ensure your alarm monitoring station’s “call list” is up to date, including that of any caretaker who will be watching your home while you are away;
  • make sure your caretaker is aware of how to contact your alarm monitoring station in the event of accidental false alarms; and
  • turn on your alarm before you leave.

Report suspicious activity or a crime in progress
For those who see suspicious activity or a crime in progress in their neighbourhoods or elsewhere, the North Bay Police Service asks that they report it as it’s happening to police by calling 911.

Safe communities are built when citizens are informed and involved in their personal safety and that of their neighbours, friends and family members. The North Bay Police Service thanks all North Bay and Callander residents who are taking an active role to stop crime before it happens.