UPDATE: Marsh Search (Hwy 11 South)

UPDATE: Marsh Search (Hwy 11 South)

The following is an update to information the North Bay Police Service released at a media conference held on Monday afternoon regarding an investigation and a police search of a marsh located off Highway 11 South in North Bay.

The North Bay Police Service has completed the search. Police have found additional remains, which they believe are human, and have sent them to the Centre of Forensic Science for analysis and confirmation.

Based on the evidence collected to date, the North Bay Police Service does not believe the remains belong to any local missing persons, including Luke Joly-Durocher or Robert Aho. North Bay Police continue to liaise with other police services in an attempt to resolve this case.

The investigation is ongoing. The North Bay Police Service will continue to keep the media and the public informed of its progress.

Shortly after 4:30 p.m. on Saturday June 6th 2015, biology students from a university outside of North Bay were conducting scientific research in the marsh area located off Highway 11 South, just south of the Highway 11 and 17 bypass in North Bay. While the students were in the marsh, they found a shoe, which they believed contained human remains. They then contacted police to report their findings.

On Sunday June 7th, the students returned to the scene to show North Bay Police the location where they found the shoe. The students are no longer in North Bay. They returned home on Sunday. As a result of the initial investigation by members of our investigative support and forensic identification services, the North Bay Police Service has requested the assistance of the Ontario Coroner’s Office, who is currently responsible for the investigation.