Don't fall victim to door-to-door scams

Don’t fall victim to door-to-door scams

North Bay Police advise residents to avoid falling victim to common door-to-door scams.

Before you listen to a door-to-door sales pitch
When you open your door to a salesperson, remember:

  • ask for photo ID and get the name of the person and the business
  • never share an electricity or gas bill, or other personal information
  • if you ask a salesperson to leave, they must leave right away. If you feel unsafe or are threatened by a salesperson, call 911
  • look at the company name on the salesperson’s business card and promotional material and see if it matches the company name on the proposed contract
  • do not rely on a salesperson’s opinion that your water heater is unsafe or should be replaced
  • local utility companies, municipalities, government agencies or regulatory organizations don’t send salespeople door-to-door

Know your rights before signing a contract at the door

  • You do not have to sign a contract at the time of a door-to-door sales pitch. Take the time you require to research the company who is offering you a service before signing a contract.
  • Under Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act you have the right to cancel a contract over $50 that you signed in your home for any reason with a 10 calendar-day cooling-off period.

For more information on door-to-door sales pitches for water heaters, snow removal, lawn care, home heating, and other services, visit Consumer Protection Ontario.

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