Let's remember Adam who passed away 15 years ago this Wednesday

Let’s remember Adam who passed away 15 years ago this Wednesday

With the goal of keeping our children safe, Stock Transportation Ltd. is recognizing the 15th anniversary of Adam Ranger’s tragic death with a moment of silence ceremony to be held simultaneously at various locations in North Bay on Wednesday morning. The North Bay Police Service and the Ontario Provincial Police supports this initiative and will have members present.

Flashing Lights and Stop Arm Moment of Silence
In memory of the 15th anniversary of Adam’s death, Stock Transportation drivers, each in their own school bus, will host a “Flashing Lights and Stop Arm Moment of Silence” for Adam on Wednesday 11 February 2015 at 9:30 a.m. at Pete Palangio Arena. Members of Adam’s family will be present. Similar moments of silence will happen simultaneous at various parking lot locations throughout the city including: Northgate Mall, North Bay Mall, Canadian Tire and Memorial Gardens. Afterwards, the family will join Stock Transportation drivers and representatives at head office at 59 Commerce Crescent for refreshments. There will also be a draw for a special quilt that was designed by a Stock bus driver.

“As part of our Safety First policy, Stock school bus drivers attend mandatory monthly safety workshops where they review driver safety issues and analyze any incidents or near-miss situations,” said Lena Cormier, General Manager, Stock Transportation, who has been leading school bus safety awareness campaigns for three years. “The most significant issue that continues to come up is the number of vehicles that do not stop when the school bus lights are flashing and the stop sign has been activated. The combination of lights and stop sign indicate that students are loading or off-loading the bus. Students are put at great risk when motorists fail to stop.”

“We are pleased to support the school bus drivers of our community in this awareness campaign,” saidDeputy Shawn Devine, North Bay Police Service. “Motorists should reduce their speed in school zones and stay alert near school buses. Whether you’re driving behind a bus or oncoming, in the opposing lane, you must stop when the bus’s lights are flashing and the stop arm is fully extended.”

“Driver distraction is one of the leading causes of crashes in Ontario,” said Inspector Mark Andrews Traffic Inspector Ontario Provincial Police, “All drivers must be alert and paying attention as they travel our roads and highways. School buses carry our most precious cargo of all; a moment’s inattention can result in tragedy. The Let’s Remember Adam Campaign reminds all of us, what can happen. Thank you to all the partners that have kept this campaign active, working together we have and will continue to keep our children safe.”

An alert to vehicle owners
Police alert vehicle owners that under Section 175 (19) and (20) of the Highway Traffic Act, a registered owner can be charged with Fail to stop for school bus, regardless of whether he or she was driving the vehicle at the time of the infraction.

School Days Quilt and Let’s Remember Adam Campaign
Five-year old Adam was hit and instantly killed by a vehicle in front of his home on Highway 17 East in Mattawa on February 11th, 2000, when the driver failed to stop for the school bus he had just existed. The “Let’s Remember Adam…Stop for the School Bus” billboard campaign, which features a school photo of Adam’s face, reminds drivers to stay focused on our roads and to stop for school buses.

This past year, Lena Cormier linked up with Adam’s older brother, Pierre Ranger, who is the lead contact for the campaign. Pierre attended a Safety Workshop in the fall and a relationship based on a mutual concern was established.

Together they designed “Let’s Remember Adam…Stop for the School Bus” lanyards and another driver made a beautiful quilt entitled “School Days.” The drivers and Adam’s family sold the lanyards and each person who purchased one had their name placed in a free drawing for the quilt. The proceeds from the lanyards will be going towards increasing awareness through billboards and other items.