Bear Call

Bear Call

On the 31st of October, 2014 at approximately 3:30pm several calls were received by the North Bay Police Service regarding a bear in the 400 block of Duke Street West, and Princess Street West.

Officers attended with concerns of a bear in the area at a time when students were leaving local schools, as well as Halloween festivities soon to begin.

A foot search through back yards located the bear up a tree in the back yard of a residence. Local MNR officials were contacted and advised they would attend the area.

MNR officials were able to chemically immobilize the bear, and remove it from the area for relocation.

Police would like to thank the cooperation of the MNR for attending, and for local residents for their patience and cooperation while the removal of the bear was taking place. Police would like to stress that public safety is paramount, and dispatching a bear is the last resort, but is sometimes necessary when there is no other alternative. Thankfully MNR officials were able to successfully and safely remove the bear.