Public Caution -  Fraud

Public Caution – Fraud

Two separate computer frauds have recently been documented in the city.

Apartment Fraud
A local apartment has been advertised on kijiji. The address is usually a well known apartment building in the city. When potential clients respond to the ad they are asked for personal information and if they are interested in the apartment, they are told that the owner is vacationing in Italy or some other location usually out of country. They are asked to send the first and last month’s rent, then the keys will be forwarded to them. The money gets sent but the keys never arrive.

Microsoft Fraud
People receive a fraudulent email claiming to be The Microsoft Corporation and they have found a serious problem with the victim’s computer. The email appears to be very official and they offer to correct the problem for a nominal fee. They request you give your credit card number, personal information and control of your computer over to them. Your credit card subsequently gets maxed out and they may get access to your accounts.